Tutor 4 International Students

Tutor 4 International Students is an education agency and guardianship company based in Bath.

We offer professional expertise and advice to prospective Chinese and International Students who are wanting to pursue their education in the UK. We have established partnerships with a significant number of independent schools and universities where we have carefully placed students and where our students have achieved success in their learning journey.

At ECES we take great pride in helping students identify their unique talent and maximising their potential. With our knowledge and expertise in education, we support international students to achieve a successful academic life in the UK, so that they can succeed in their studies and also go on to become well-rounded individuals and global citizens.

In order to help international students adapt to the British education system, we offer a range of academic support and consultancy services to enhance our students to achieve a good learning outcome. .

To meet the demands of trading with China, we provide language and cultural training for businesses, bespoke to the needs of the company.