The workplace inclusion
empathy specialists

The workplace inclusion
empathy specialists

A great balance between straight talking and empathy – whilst bringing knowledge and expertise to bear.

Laura Haviland - Group Head of People and Performance, Associated British Foods Plc

Altogether Different = breath of fresh air. It’s hard to explain it until you experience them.

Dominie Shelley - Communications Manager

The Secret to game-changing workplace inclusion is empathy

Tick-box diversity training only goes so far. If your team, or leaders aren’t truly bought-in to the importance of an inclusive working environment, then real culture change won’t happen. Pay gaps will persist, future-focused talent will continue to leave, and growth will stagnate.
Altogether Different specialises in building empathy for genuine workplace inclusion amongst employees and leadership teams.

Empathy– The catalyst to inclusion

Altogether Different’s non-judgemental, empathy-building approach brings out genuine commitment to inclusion from your team. We cover the traditional diversity topics like unconscious bias, microaggressions and active allyship - but this isn’t standard D&I training.

Our success comes from the innovative empathy-building techniques we use to inspire uniting exchanges and genuinely shift perspectives. The result – people truly ‘getting’ why diversity, of all different kinds, is vital in today’s workplace and what’s more, genuinely working together to achieve it. Our clients report overnight inclusive changes and soaring belonging scores as a result of working with us – get in touch to find out more

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